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Updating a baseline
TIP This plan includes a previously saved baseline that you will now overwrite.
That’s fine at this stage of the new children’s book project, where the planning is
complete and you’d like to have the most up-to-date baseline before recording any
actual work. However, after work has been recorded, you should be careful about
overwriting any previously saved baseline values. Once you overwrite a baseline, the
original values are replaced and cannot be retrieved. Saving additional baselines is
often a better strategy after work on the project has begun.
On the Project tab, in the Schedule group, click Set Baseline , and then click Set
Baseline .
The Set Baseline dialog box appears.
Make sure that the Set Baseline option is selected. In the For area, make sure that the
Entire project option is selected. Note that the “last saved” date you see may differ.
TIP To update a baseline just for selected tasks, you can click Selected Tasks under
the For label. When you do this, the options under Roll Up Baselines become
available. You can control how baseline updates should affect the baseline values for
summary tasks. For example, you could resave a baseline for a subtask and update its
related summary task baseline values if desired. To remove a baseline, on the Project
tab, in the Schedule group, click the Set Baseline button and then click Clear Baseline.
Click OK to update the baseline.
Project alerts you that you are about to overwrite the previously saved baseline
Click Yes .
Project updates the baseline values for the plan.
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