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The Project interface: Finding your way around
Commands are the specific features you use to perform actions in Project. Each tab
contains several commands. Some commands, like Cut on the Task tab, perform an
immediate action. Other commands, like Change Working Time on the Project tab,
display a dialog box or prompt you to take further action in some other way. You can
see a description of most commands by pointing the mouse pointer at the command.
Point at a command to see
a description in a tooltip.
The active view appears in the main window of Project. Project can display a single
view or multiple views in separate panes.
The View label appears along the left edge of the active view. Project includes dozens
of views, so this is a handy reminder of what your active view is.
View shortcuts let you quickly switch between some of the more frequently used
views in Project. The Zoom Slider zooms the active view in or out.
The Status bar displays some important details like the scheduling mode of new tasks
(manual or automatic) and whether a filter has been applied to the active view.
Shortcut menus and Mini Toolbars are accessible via right-clicking most items you
see in a view.
TIP Here’s a good general practice. When you’re not sure what actions you can
perform with something you see in Project, right-click on the item and see what
commands are available for that item.
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