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Tracking actual and remaining values for tasks and assignments
When you display the actual work details,
the Act. Work row appears in the timephased
grid for every assignment, task, and summary task.
TIP You can change the details (that is, fields) shown in the timephased grid in a
usage view. You can add or remove fields and change the formatting of the fields
shown. For example, you can add the Baseline Cost field to the fields shown in the
usage view and format it with a different colored background. To see the available
fields and formatting options, on the Format tab, in the Details group, click Add
In the timephased grid, you see the scheduled work values per day. If you add up
the daily work values for a specific task or assignment, the total equals the value in
the Work column for that task or assignment. In a usage view, you see work values at
two different levels of detail: the total value for a task or assignment and the more
detailed timephased level. These two sets of values are directly related.
Next, you’ll enter task-level and assignment-level actual work values and see how
they are reflected in the timephased details.
Using the mouse, drag the vertical divider bar to the right until you can see all the
columns in the Work table.
TIP When the mouse pointer is in the correct position to drag the vertical divider
bar, it changes to a two-headed arrow that points left and right. Double-clicking the
vertical divider bar will snap it to the nearest column’s right edge.
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