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Tracking actual and remaining values for tasks and assignments
The actual work was distributed to the two assignments on the task, resulting in 46
hours of actual work being recorded for one resource and 46 hours for the other
resource. Likewise, the updated remaining work value was recalculated for each
The updated actual and remaining work values were rolled up to the Acquisition
summary and to the Project summary task.
The actual work values were also redistributed to the task and assignment
timephased values.
In the timephased grid side of the view, you can see the daily scheduled work and
actual work values for the two resources through Thursday, April 30. Because you
entered an actual work value for the entire task, Project assumes that the work
was done as scheduled and records these timephased values for the resource
To conclude this exercise, you will enter actual work values at the assignment level
and see the effect on the task.
In the Actual column for Hany Morcos’ assignment to task 18 (which currently
contains the value 46 hrs ), type or click 62h , and then press Enter.
Entering actual work on this assignment
updates the remaining work and related
values on the task.
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