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Tracking timephased actual work for tasks and assignments
In this exercise, you enter some actuals for tasks, for assignments, and for specific time
SET UP You need the Advanced Tracking C_Start file located in the Chapter14 practice
file folder. Open the Advanced Tracking C_Start file, and save it as Advanced Tracking C.
Click the expand\collapse arrow next to task 15, Acquisition , to collapse this phase of
the plan.
This phase of work has been completed.
In the Task Name column, click the name of task 22, Organize manuscript for
copyedit , and then, on the Task tab, in the Editing group, click Scroll to Task .
Project scrolls the timephased grid to display the first scheduled work values of the
Editorial phase.
The first timephased actual work values you will enter are at the task level and not for
specific assignments.
In the timephased grid, click the cell at the intersection of the Wednesday, May 27
column and the task 22 actual work row. The actual work row is directly below the
work row, which contains the value 12h .
TIP If you point to the name of a day on the timescale, Project will display the full
date of that day in a ScreenTip. You can change the formatting of the timescale to
control the time period in which you enter actual values in the timephased grid. For
example, you can format the timescale to show weeks rather than days; when you
enter an actual value at the weekly level, that value is distributed over the week.
Type 9h , and then press the Tab key.
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