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Tracking timephased actual work for tasks and assignments
Here is the first timephased actual work value you entered.
As soon as you entered the first actual value for the task, the scheduled work value
changed to match it. Both work and actual work values rolled up to the summary
task levels and were distributed among the specific assignments to the task. You can
see this happen in the timephased grid on the right and the table on the left.
In the Thursday, May 28 actual work cell, type 15h , and then press Tab.
TIP When entering actual work, you do not need to include the “h” abbreviation (to
denote hours). You can simply enter the number and Project will record it as hours.
Hours is the default work value for data entry. If you want, you can change this. Click
the File tab and then click Options. On the Schedule tab of the Project Options dialog
box, in the Work Is Entered In box, select the default time increment you want.
For task 22, enter the following actual work values for the dates listed:
Actual Hours
Friday, May 29
Monday, June 1
Tuesday, June 2
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