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Tracking timephased actual work for tasks and assignments
TIP In this exercise, you saw how task and assignment values are directly related; an update
to one directly affects the other. However, you can break this relationship if you want. Doing
so enables you to record progress for resource assignments, for example, and manually enter
actual values for the tasks to which those resources are assigned. You normally should not
break this relationship unless you have special reporting needs within your organization—
for example, you must follow a status reporting methodology based on something other
than the actual values recorded for assignments in plans. To break this relationship, do the
following. On the File tab, click Options. In the Project Options dialog box, click the Schedule
tab and then under the Calculation options for this project label, clear the Updating Task
Status Updates Resource Status check box. This setting applies to the entire plan you have
open at the time; you cannot apply it to only some tasks within a plan.
CLEAN UP Close the Advanced Tracking C file.
Project management focus: Collecting actuals from
The view you used in the previous exercise is similar to a time card. In fact, to enter
assignment-level actual work values, you might need some form of paper time card
or its electronic equivalent. Several methods are used to collect such data from
resources, assuming that you need to track actual and remaining work at this level of
detail. Some collection methods include the following:
Collect actual values yourself This method is feasible if you communicate
with only a small group of resources on a frequent basis, such as a weekly status
meeting. It’s also a good opportunity to talk directly to the resources about
any blocking issues or surprises they might have encountered (either positive or
negative) while performing the work.
Collect actuals through a formal status reporting system This technique
might work through the already-existing hierarchy of your organization and serve
additional purposes besides project status reporting.
Regardless of the data collection methods you might use, be aware that resources
might have some concern about how their actual work values might reflect on their
overall performance. You might need to communicate to resources that schedule
actuals help in managing the project, but performance evaluation is a business
management focus, not a project management one.
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