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Rescheduling incomplete work
Speaking of time cards, depending on how your organization operates you
might want to explore Project Professional’s interoperability with SharePoint and
Project Web App (PWA) online services. For more information, see Appendix C,
”Collaborating: Project, SharePoint, and PWA.”
Rescheduling incomplete work
During the course of a project, work might occasionally be interrupted for a specific task or
for the entire project. Should this happen, you can have Project reschedule the remaining
work to restart after the date you specify.
When you reschedule incomplete work, you specify the date after which work can
resume—the rescheduled date. Here is how Project handles tasks in relation to the
rescheduled date:
If the task does not have any actual work recorded for it prior to the rescheduled date
and does not have a constraint applied, the entire task is rescheduled to begin after
that date.
If the task has some actual work recorded prior to the rescheduled date but none
after it, the task is split so that all remaining work starts after the rescheduled date.
The actual work is not affected.
If the task has some actual work recorded for it prior to, as well as after, the
rescheduled date, the task is not affected.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, work on the Editorial phase of the new children’s
book plan has been completed. The team has started work on the next phase, Design And
Production. However, you need to troubleshoot a delay in work caused by an unforeseen
In this exercise, you reschedule uncompleted work.
SET UP You need the Advanced Tracking D_Start file located in the Chapter14 practice
file folder. Open Advanced Tracking D_Start file, and save it as Advanced Tracking D.
The plan is currently in the Task Usage view. Next, you’ll switch to the Gantt
Chart view.
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