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The Backstage view: Managing files and setting options
Click the File tab.
Project displays the Backstage view.
If the Open screen is not already visible, on the left side of the Backstage view click
the Open tab.
Project displays options for opening files, as well as a list of recently opened files.
Here is a brief list of the tabs in the Backstage view. In most cases, you can click the
tab name to see more options:
Info gives you access to the Organizer, a feature used to share customized elements
like views between plans; the Organizer is described in Chapter 19. Info also shows
you information about the active plan like its start and finish date, statistics, and
advanced properties. You work with advanced properties in Chapter 3, “Starting a
new plan.” If you’re using Project Professional with the Project Web App, you also
have access to your account details.
New displays options for creating a new plan, either from scratch or based on a
template. You’ll use the New command in the next section.
Open, Save , Save As , and Close are standard file-management commands.
Print includes options for printing a plan, as well as the print preview. You’ll work with
printing options in Chapter 7, “Formatting and sharing your plan” and in Chapter 17,
“Applying advanced formatting and printing.”
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