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Identifying tasks that have slipped
There are different ways to view tasks with variance, depending on the type of information
you want:
Apply the Tracking Gantt view to compare tasks’ baseline dates graphically with their
actual or scheduled dates. (To do this, on the View tab, in the Task Views group, click
the down arrow below the Gantt Chart button and then click Tracking Gantt.)
Apply the Detail Gantt view to show graphically each task’s slippage from baseline.
(To do this, on the View tab, in the Task Views group, click Other Views, click More
Views, and then double-click Detail Gantt.)
Apply the Variance table to a task view to see the number of days of variance for
each task’s start and finish dates. (To do this, on the View tab, in the Data group, click
Tables and then click Variance.)
Filter for delayed or slipping tasks with the Slipped/Late Progress, Slipping Tasks, or
Late Tasks filter. (To do this, on the View tab, in the Data group, in the Filter box, select
the filter that you want to apply.)
Project management focus: Is variance ever a good
In project management, we generally look for variance that can have an adverse effect
on a project, such as variance that pushes out the finish date or increases the cost
of a project. However, the term variance refers to any difference between planned
and actual schedule events—even differences that have a helpful effect, such as an
earlier finish date or a lower-than-expected cost. Should you have the good fortune of
managing a project that experiences such helpful variance, the techniques described
here will help you identify the beneficial variance as well as any adverse variance.
Your focus as a project manager is basically the same regardless of the nature of the
variance—watch for it, and when it does occur, communicate it and its effects to
project sponsors and other stakeholders and (if it’s adverse variance) mitigate against
it according to the nature of the project.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, work on the children’s book plan is well underway.
You have encountered some variance from plan—in other words, actual work has not
always matched the plan as captured in its baseline. You’d like to get a better look at this
variance in the plan.
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