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Identifying tasks that have slipped
Project management focus: Getting the word out
If you work in an organization that is highly focused on projects and project
management, chances are that standard methods and formats already exist within
your organization for reporting project status. If not, you might be able to introduce
project status formats that are based on clear communication and effective
projectmanagement principles.
Techniques you can use in Project to help you report project status include the
Print the Project Overview report. (To do this, on the Report tab, in the View
Reports group, click Dashboards and then click Project Overview.) For more
information, see Chapter 7, “Formatting and sharing your plan,” and Chapter 18,
“Advanced report formatting.”
If you have Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Visio, print a status-focused visual report.
(To do this, on the Report tab, in the Export group, click Visual Reports.) For more
information, see Chapter 20, “Sharing information with other programs.”
Copy Project data to other applications—for example, to copy the Gantt Chart
view, use Copy Picture. (To do this, on the Task tab, in the Clipboard group, click
the down arrow next to the Copy button.) For more information, see Chapter 20.
Export Project data in other formats. (To do this, on the File tab, click Export and
then click Create PDF/XPS Document, or click Save Project As File and then select
the format you want.) For more information, see Chapter 20.
Share Project information with others via SharePoint and Project Web Access
(PWA). For more information, see Appendix C: “Collaborating: Project, SharePoint,
and PWA.”
Here are some additional tips and suggestions for viewing slipped tasks:
You can see the criteria that most filters use to determine which tasks or resources
they will display or hide. On the View tab, in the Data group, in the Filter box, click
More Filters. In the More Filters dialog box, click a filter and then click Edit. In the
Filter Definition dialog box, you can see the tests applied to various fields for the filter.
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