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Examining resource costs
If you have Excel, you can use the Budget Cost Report. To create the Budget Cost
Report, on the Report tab, in the Export group, click Visual Reports. On the
Assignment Usage tab of the Visual Reports dialog box, click Budget Cost Report and then
click View.
Apply the Late/Overbudget Tasks Assigned To filter for a specific resource. To do this,
on the View tab, in the Data group, click the arrow next to Filter and then click More
Display work variance in the Work table in a task view. To do this, on the View tab,
in the Data group, click Tables and then click Work. Remember that for a plan where
most costs are derived from work resources, examining work variance is one way to
examine cost variance.
You can compare timephased baseline and scheduled work in a usage view. For
example, in the Task Usage view, on the Format tab, in the Details group, click
Baseline Work.
In this exercise, you viewed cost variance for a task. To see cost variance over time for
assignments to a task, switch to the Task Usage view and then apply the Cost table.
While in a usage view, you can also show Cost, Baseline Cost, and Actual Cost details
via the Add Details dialog box. On the Format tab, in the Details group, select the
options you want.
Examining resource costs
Project managers sometimes focus on resource costs as a means of measuring progress and
variance within a project. However, resource cost information also serves other people and
other needs. For many organizations, resource costs are the primary, or even the only, costs
incurred while completing projects, so closely watching resource costs might directly relate
to the financial health of an organization. It might not be a project manager, but instead an
executive, cost accountant, or resource manager who is most interested in resource costs
on projects as they relate to organizational costs.
Another common reason to track resource costs is for billing either within an organization
(for example, billing another department for services your department has provided) or
externally. In either case, the resource cost information stored in plans can serve as the basis
for billing out your department’s or organization’s services to others.
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