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The Backstage view: Managing files and setting options
Share includes options for SharePoint synchronization and attaching a plan to an
e-mail message.
Export includes options for generating a Portable Document Format (PDF) or XML
Paper Specification (XPS) format file of the plan, and other options for exporting
content. You’ll work with these features in Chapter 20, “Sharing Project information
with other programs.”
Account displays connected services as well as information about Project such as
version information. With a Microsoft account, you can use services such as streaming
Office applications, SkyDrive file storage, and roaming personal settings. When you
are signed in, your user information appears in the upper-right corner of the Project
Options displays the Project Options dialog box. This dialog box itself contains several
tabs through which you can adjust a wide range of behaviors in Project, such as
whether you want to see the start screen when Project starts.
TIP To exit the Backstage view, click the Back button in the upper-left corner of the
Backstage screen. You can also press the Escape key.
Next, you’ll open the practice file that you’ll work with through the rest of this
chapter. Recall from earlier that you need to copy the book’s practice files to your
computer. A complete list of practice files is provided in “Download the practice files”
at the beginning of this topic.
If the Open screen is not already visible in the Backstage, click Open .
Click Computer , click Browse , and then navigate to the Chapter02 practice file folder.
Open Guided Tour_Start from the Chapter02 practice file folder.
The practice file opens.
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