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Reporting project cost variance with a stoplight view
In the Custom Fields dialog box, under Values to display , click Graphical Indicators .
The Graphical Indicators dialog box appears. Here, you specify a unique graphical
indicator to display, depending on the value of the field for each task. Again, to save
you time, the indicators are already selected.
Depending on the value returned by the formula,
Project will display one of these three graphical
indicators in the Overbudget column.
8 Click the first cell under the Image column heading (it contains a green smiley face),
and then click the drop-down arrow.
Here, you can see the many graphical indicators you can associate with the values of
Click Cancel to close the Graphical Indicators dialog box, and then click Cancel again
to close the Custom Fields dialog box.
In the Task Name column, click the expand\collapse arrow next to the name of task
1, the Editorial staff meeting recurring summary task.
The recurring task list collapses to show just the recurring summary task.
To conclude this exercise, you will display the Overbudget (Number3) column in the
Cost table.
On the right side of the table, click the Add New Column column heading.
A list of available fields appears.
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