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Reporting project cost variance with a stoplight view
12 In the list of fields, click Overbudget (Number3) in the drop-down list.
You will also see the same customized field named Number3 (Overbudget) in the list
of fields.
TIP When selecting items from a list like this, you can begin typing the name of the
item you want and, when its full name appears, select it.
Project displays the Overbudget column in the Cost table.
TIP To see a graphical indicator’s numeric value in a ScreenTip, just point to the
As each task’s cost variance changes, so do the graphical indicators according to the
ranges specified in the formula. This is a handy format for identifying tasks whose
cost variance is higher than you’d like, as indicated by the yellow or red indicators.
You can see that tasks 31 and 32, and consequently their summary task 30,
experienced both a high dollar amount of variance and a high percentage above baseline,
as indicated by the red sad face indicators.
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