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Chapter 16: Getting your project back on track
In virtually any project, one of these factors will be more important than the other two. The
most important factor is sometimes called the driving constraint because meeting it drives
your actions as a project manager. For example, for a project that must be concluded by
a specific date, you might need to make cost and scope compromises to meet the
deadline. Working with the project triangle provides you with a good method to analyze the
trade-offs that nearly always must be made. Just as importantly, it gives you a clear way of
explaining the pros and cons of trade-offs to the project’s resources, sponsors, and other
The specific issues that we’ll focus on in this chapter are not necessarily the most common
problems you’ll face in your own projects. Because every project is unique, there’s no way to
anticipate specifically what you’ll run into. However, we’ve attempted to highlight the most
pressing issues at the midpoint of the new children’s book project at Lucerne Publishing
that we have been discussing throughout this topic and apply solutions to common
problems. You’ve already worked with most of the features used in this chapter, but here your
intent is different—getting the plan back on track. In this chapter, you will apply a variety of
strategies to address time, cost, and scope issues that have occurred in a project.
PRACTICE FILES Before you can complete the exercises in this chapter, you need to copy
the book’s practice files to your computer. A complete list of practice files is provided in
“Download the practice files” at the beginning of this topic. For each exercise that has a
practice file, simply browse to where you saved the book’s practice file folder.
IMPORTANT If you are running Project Professional with Project Web App/Project Server, take
care not to save any of the practice files you work with in this topic to Project Web App (PWA). For
more information, see Appendix C, “Collaborating: Project, SharePoint, and PWA.”
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