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Troubleshooting time and schedule problems
This adjustment isn’t enough to ix task 45’s missed deadline, however.
Task 32 should now be selected. For this task, you and the assigned resources agree
that adding an additional resource should reduce the task’s duration.
Ensure that task 32 is selected, and on the Resource tab, in the Assignments group,
click Assign Resources .
The Assign Resources dialog box appears, with the names of the resources currently
assigned to task 32 at the top of the Resource Name column.
In the Assign Resources dialog box, in the Resource Name column, click Jane Dow,
and then click Assign .
After assigning the additional resource, you need to tell Project how it should adjust
the scheduling of the task.
Click the Action indicator in the Task Name field of task 32 (the small triangle in the
upper-left corner of the field), and then click the Action button that appears.
The Action list appears.
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