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Troubleshooting time and schedule problems
Click Close in the Assign Resources dialog box.
Checking the deadline indicator and the Gantt bar for task 45, you see that these
actions have moved the completion date of task 45 closer to its deadline, but it’s not
there yet.
Looking over the remaining tasks that are predecessors of task 45, you see that tasks
34 and 35 have a finish-to-start relationship and different resources assigned. After
consulting with the assigned resources, you decide these tasks could be completed in
parallel. Next, you’ll change their relationship type.
Scroll the table portion of the Gantt Chart view to the right to show the
Predecessors column.
In the Predecessors field for task 35, type 34SS and then press Enter.
Project changes the task relationship type to start-to-start.
Changing the predecessor relationship between these
tasks to start-to-start decreases the overall duration of
the plan because these tasks are on the critical path.
Now that these two tasks have a start-to-start relationship, the successor task’s start
date is moved in by five days. Checking the deadline indicator on task 45, you see
that the missed deadline indicator is gone; you’ve sufficiently pulled in task 45’s finish
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