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Troubleshooting time and schedule problems
date (for now at least). The project’s finish date has been correspondingly adjusted
because of these schedule changes to tasks on the critical path.
This is an important deadline on task 45, so you plan to closely monitor the progress
on its predecessor tasks as work progresses.
On the Format tab, in the Bar Styles group, click Task Path, and then click Remove
Highlighting .
Reduce task durations by assigning resource overtime
One way to reduce a task’s duration is to add overtime to the assigned resource. The
trade-off might be additional costs, especially if the resource has an overtime pay rate.
To add overtime to an assignment, follow these steps.
On the Task tab, in the Properties group, click Details .
The Task Details Form appears below the Gantt Chart view.
Click anywhere in the Task Details Form and then on the Format tab, in the Details
group, click Work .
For the task to which you want to add overtime, in the Task Details Form, enter
the number of overtime work hours you want in the Ovt. Work column, and then
click OK .
When you add overtime work, the resource’s total work on the task remains the
same. After entering an overtime work value, however, that number of hours will be
scheduled as overtime. The same amount of work will be performed, but in a shorter
time span. Project also will apply overtime cost rates, if they have been set up, to the
overtime portion of the assignment. If you plan to assign overtime hours for which an
overtime pay rate should be applied, make sure you have a valid overtime pay rate set
up for the assigned resource.
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