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Troubleshooting cost and resource problems
Troubleshooting cost and resource
In projects where you entered cost information for resources, you might find that you must
fine-tune resource and assignment details to address cost or budget problems. Although
this might not be your intention, changing resource assignment details not only affects
costs, but it can affect task durations as well.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, in addition to schedule variance the new children’s
book plan has some cost variance. As it is currently scheduled, the plan will end up
costing about $11,000 more than planned, or about 11 percent over budget. Recall from
Chapter 15, “Viewing and reporting project status,” that the new book plan’s cost variance is
the result of some longer-than-expected task durations, and the additional work increased
the costs of the assigned resources. To address cost variance in this project, you’ll focus on
resource costs. While examining resource cost issues, you’ll also look for opportunities to
address any resource overallocation problems that have crept into the plan.
In this exercise, you examine resource cost values and replace one resource assigned to a
task with another resource.
On the View tab, in the Resource Views group, click Resource Sheet .
You will use the Resource Sheet view to identify your most costly resources for the
remaining tasks—costly not in hourly pay rate, but in the total expense in this plan
based on their assignments.
On the View tab, in the Data group, click Tables , and then click Cost .
The Cost table appears in the Resource Sheet view.
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