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Troubleshooting cost and resource problems
You can see that Hany Morcos and Jane Dow have the largest remaining cost values
at this point in the plan’s duration. Managing costs for these two resources is one way
you can help limit additional cost variance. Note also that Hany’s name is formatted
red, indicating that she is overallocated.
On the View tab, in the Task Views group, click Gantt Chart .
Project displays the Gantt Chart view. Next, you’ll look at the tasks to which Hany and
Jane are assigned.
If necessary, drag the vertical divider bar to the right to display the Resource Names
column, and then click the AutoFilter arrow in the Resource Names column heading.
In the menu that appears, click (Select All) to clear all the resource names, and then
select Hany Morco s and Jane Dow .
Click OK .
Project filters the task list to display tasks to which Hany or Jane is assigned.
Scroll the Gantt Chart view down to show later tasks.
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