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Troubleshooting cost and resource problems
Looking at the uncompleted tasks, you can spot Hany Morcos’s overallocation: she’s
assigned to tasks 37 and 41, which overlap. That is why the red overallocated resource
indicators appear in the Indicators column for these tasks.
You could ix Hany’s overall allocation by resource leveling, but that is likely to extend
the project’s finish date and won’t help reduce the project’s overall cost. Instead,
you’ll replace Hany with a less expensive resource on one of her assignments.
Click the AutoFilter arrow (shaped like a funnel because the filter is applied) in the
Resource Names column heading, and in the menu that appears, click Clear Filter
from Resource Names .
Project unilters the task list to show all tasks.
In the Task Name column, click the name of task 37, Proof and review .
This is a task that a less experienced (and cheaper) editor should be able to handle, so
you’ll replace Hany.
On the Resource tab, in the Assignments group, click Assign Resources .
The Assign Resources dialog box appears. Note the cost of Hany’s assignment to task
37: $1,550.
In the Assign Resources dialog box, in the Resource Name column, click Hany
Morcos , and then click Replace .
The Replace Resource dialog box appears. In this dialog box, you see the total cost
per resource, based on their cost rates and assignments to tasks in the plan.
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