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Troubleshooting scope-of-work problems
In the Resource Name column in the Replace Resource dialog box, click Jun Cao ,
and then click OK .
Project replaces Hany with Jun on this assignment.
Jun’s lower cost on the assignment, $880, appears in the Assign Resources dialog
box. Note also that the red overallocated resource indicators no longer appear in the
Indicators column; you have resolved Hany’s overall allocation. Finally, note also that
the finish date of task 37 was moved in by one day. This is due to Jun’s “four by ten”
working calendar that you set up in Chapter 5, “Setting up resources.”
In the Assign Resources dialog box, click Close .
Troubleshooting scope-of-work problems
A project’s scope should include all the work required—and only the work required—to
deliver the product of the project successfully to its intended customer. After project work
has started, managing its scope usually requires making trade-offs: trading time for money,
quality for time, and so on. You might have the goal of never making such trade-offs, but a
more realistic goal might be to make the best-informed trade-offs possible.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you just consulted with the management (that is, the
project sponsors). You’ve been asked to shave about $5,000 from the remaining tasks in the
new children’s book plan. This plan’s finish date is fine as is, but the actual cost has gone
somewhat over budget. You need to reduce work to reduce the remaining costs.
In this exercise, you view tasks’ remaining costs and remove some tasks from the plan.
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