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Troubleshooting scope-of-work problems
On the View tab, in the Data group, click Tables , and then click Cost .
Your focus here is on the tasks not yet completed, so you’ll filter the task list.
On the View tab, in the Data group, click the down arrow next to the Filter box
(it initially contains [No Filter] ) and then click Incomplete Tasks .
Project filters the task list to show only the tasks that are not yet complete, plus their
summary tasks.
One set of tasks in the plan that could be cut without affecting the result of the new
book plan is task 40 and its subtasks, Design book’s companion website . The
remaining cost of this work is more than the $5,000 you’ve been asked to cut from the plan.
After consulting with the project’s sponsors, you all agree that this looks like a good
set of tasks to remove from the plan.
Select the name of task 40, the summary task Design book’s companion website.
Do one of the following:
If you are running Project Professional, continue with step 5.
If you are running Project Standard, skip ahead to step 6.
TIP Not sure which edition of Project you have? Here’s one easy way to tell. The
Project application title bar includes “Project Professional” or “Project Standard.” You
can also see your edition identified in the Account screen of the Backstage view. (To
check this, click File, click Account, and then look for your edition name on the right
side of the Account pane.)
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