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Troubleshooting scope-of-work problems
On the Task tab, in the Schedule group, click Inactivate .
Project inactivates the summary task and its subtasks.
In Project Professional, inactivated tasks appear like this.
IMPORTANT If you need a refresher on inactivating tasks in Project Professional, see
Chapter 12, ”Fine-tuning the Project plan.”
These inactivated tasks will remain in the plan, but they have no scheduling or cost
impact now. Note that the Remaining cost value for task 0, the project summary
task, and for task 27, the Design and Production summary task, are correspondingly
NOTE Project Professional users should skip to the end of this procedure. Project
Standard users proceed from step 4 directly to step 6.
With the name of task 40 selected, right-click and in the shortcut menu that appears,
click Delete Task .
A Planning Wizard message might appear, asking you to verify that you want to
delete this summary task and its subtasks. If it appears, make sure that Continue is
selected and then click OK.
Project deletes the summary task and its subtasks and renumbers the remaining
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