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Key points
After deleting tasks, subsequent tasks are renumbered.
Note that the Remaining cost value for task 0, the project summary task, and for task
27, the Design and Production summary task, are correspondingly reduced.
You confer with the project sponsors, who are pleased that you can wrap up the new book
project at a lower cost. Although completing the remaining work within the given time and
cost constraints will be a challenge, you’re optimistic about the project’s future performance
given your project management skills and knowledge of Project.
CLEAN UP Close the Back on Track file.
Key points
When addressing variance in a plan, you’ll find it useful to evaluate your plan (and
variance) in terms of time, cost, and scope: the three sides of the project triangle.
When addressing schedule problems, focus your remedies on tasks on the critical
path; these drive the finish date of the project.
When addressing cost or scope problems, focus on expensive resources—especially
on their longer assignments.
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