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Formatting a Gantt chart view
TIP You can also display this dialog box by double-clicking the background of
the chart portion of a Gantt chart view or by right-clicking in the background and
selecting Bar Styles from the shortcut menu.
Scroll down the list of the bars, and in the Name column, click Summary Progress .
Click Insert Row .
Project inserts a row for a new bar type in the table. Project draws Gantt bars in the
order in which they are listed in the Bar Styles dialog box.
In the new cell in the Name column, type Interim .
Interim is the name of the new bar type that will appear on the chart portion of the
TIP The names of task bars will appear in the legend of printed Gantt chart views.
If you do not want a task bar name to appear in the legend, type an asterisk (*) at
the beginning of the task bar name. For example, if you want to prevent Interim
from appearing in the legend, you enter its name here as *Interim . In the Bar Styles
dialog box, you can see that the Manual Milestone task bar name (among others) is
prefaced with an asterisk, so it does not appear in the legend of the printed Gantt
chart view.
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