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Formatting a Timeline view
Formatting a Timeline view
As you might recall from Chapter 2, “A guided tour of Project,” and Chapter 7, the Timeline
view is a handy way of seeing the “big picture” of the plan. If you completed Chapter 7, you
customized a Timeline view and adjusted the visual display of some tasks, such as switching
the display of a task from a bar to a callout. You might find that the default text formatting
of the Timeline view meets your needs, but you’re also able to customize its look. As with
the Gantt chart views, you can format entire categories of items (such as all milestone dates)
with text styles or apply direct formatting to a specific item you choose.
Scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you’ve found that the team working on the children’s
gourmet cookbook project likes the Timeline view. Some of these people have said the
milestone date values are too small, so you’ll make them more prominent. While you’re at it,
you’ll apply other formatting changes in the Timeline view as well.
In this exercise, you format text and task bar elements in the Timeline view.
On the View tab, in the Split View group, select the Timeline check box.
Project displays the Timeline view. This Timeline view has been populated for you
with some tasks from the plan.
Click anywhere in the Timeline view, and then click the Format tab.
This contextual tab dynamically changes
based on the active view or selected item.
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