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Formatting a Timeline view
Putting the focus on the timeline causes the commands on the Format tab to change.
Remember that the Format tab is contextual; it adjusts based on what is currently
First, you will adjust the formatting of an entire category of text values in the
Timeline view.
On the Format tab, in the Text group, click Text Styles .
The Text Styles dialog box appears. With this dialog box, you can alter the formatting
of all occurrences of a specific type of information in the view.
In the Item to Change box, click Milestone Date .
In the Font style box, click Bold .
Click OK .
Project applies the text style change to all milestone dates in the Timeline view.
Next, you’d like to visually distinguish the Design and Production task in the timeline.
You’ll do so through direct formatting, instead of a style-based format change as you
made in the preceding steps.
In the Timeline view, click the Design and Production task bar.
A selection border appears around the task bar, indicating that it is selected.
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