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Formatting a Network Diagram view
On the Format tab, in the Font group, click Italic .
Project italicizes the task bar’s label (the task name) and its dates.
On the Format tab, in the Font group, click the arrow next to the Background Color
button (it looks like a tipping paint can) and then, under Standard Colors, click
Project changes the task bar’s color to yellow.
Now that you’ve applied the formatting you want, you’ll temporarily hide the
Timeline view.
10 On the View tab, in the Split View group, clear the Timeline check box.
Project hides the Timeline view. (The information in the view is not lost; it’s just
hidden for now.)
Because the Timeline view is simpler than most other views in Project, it has fewer
formatting options.
Formatting a Network Diagram view
In traditional project management, a network diagram is a standard way of representing
project activities and their relationships. Tasks are represented as boxes, or nodes , and the
relationships between tasks are drawn as lines connecting the nodes. Unlike a Gantt chart,
which is a timescaled view, a network diagram enables you to view project activities in a
manner more closely resembling a flowchart format. This is useful if you’d like to place more
focus on the relationships between activities rather than on their durations and sequence.
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