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Formatting a Network Diagram view
As with Gantt chart views, Project provides rich formatting options for the Network
Diagram view. For example, you can change the overall layout of the Network Diagram
view to group nodes by time period. In this section, you will customize the information that
appears within nodes and node shape. If you’re a heavy-duty network diagram user, you’ll
want to explore the formatting options in greater detail.
Scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you’ve found the Network Diagram view helps the project
team more clearly focus on task relationships rather than the sequence of the tasks. You
decide to adjust the formatting of the Network Diagram view.
In this exercise, you change what information appears in task boxes and their shapes in the
Network Diagram view.
In the Task name column, click the name of task 7, Copyedit .
When you switch to the Network Diagram view, you’ll find task 7 visible on the right
side of your screen.
On the View tab, in the Task Views group, click Network Diagram .
The Network Diagram view appears. In this view, each task is represented by a box or
node, and each node contains several pieces of information (or fields) about the task.
Relationships between tasks
are represented as arrows.
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