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Formatting a Network Diagram view
Nodes with an X drawn through them represent completed tasks. Nodes with
parallelogram shapes represent summary tasks.
In this exercise, you’d like to replace the task ID values with the Work Breakdown
Structure (WBS) codes. Unlike task ID numbers, WBS codes indicate each task’s
location in the hierarchy of the plan.
On the Format tab, in the Format group, click Box Styles .
Recall that commands on the Format tab change depending on the type of active
view; the Format tab is a contextual tab.
The Box Styles dialog box appears.
In the Style Settings For list, you can see all the task box styles available in Project.
Currently, the Network Diagram view has the Standard template applied to several of
the box styles, such as Critical . In this context, templates determine what fields appear
in boxes (nodes) as well as their layout (not to be confused with file templates). Next,
you will create a copy of this template to customize, leaving your Standard template
Click More Templates .
The Data Templates dialog box appears.
In the Templates in “Network Diagram” list, make sure that Standard is selected,
and then click Copy .
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