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Formatting a Calendar view
Here are some additional formatting commands in the Format group of the Format tab that
apply to the Network Diagram view:
In the Network Diagram view, you can format all boxes with the Box Styles command,
or you can format just the active box with the Box command. This is similar to the Bar
Styles and Bar commands available on the Format tab when you have a Gantt chart
view displayed.
Use the Layout command to control items such as the overall arrangement of task
boxes by time period, such as by week or by month.
Show or hide the types of relationships between tasks by clicking Link Labels.
Use the Collapse Boxes command to quickly zoom the Network Diagram view out to
show more of the network.
TIP If you have Microsoft Visio 2007 or later, you can generate a Visio visual report that
is similar to a network diagram view. Visio visual reports are pivot diagrams you can
customize. For more information about visual reports, see Chapter 20, “Sharing information
with other programs.”
Formatting a Calendar view
Like the Timeline view, the Calendar view is one of the simpler views available in Project;
however, even the Calendar view offers several formatting options. This view is especially
useful for sharing schedule information with resources or stakeholders who prefer a
traditional “month-at-a-glance” format rather than a more detailed view, such as the Gantt
Chart view. As with other views, Project offers both style-based and direct formatting of the
Calendar view.
Scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, some of your team members have told you they like the
simplicity of the Calendar view. However, the default Calendar view doesn’t include
everything you’d like it to, and you want to visually distinguish tasks on the critical path from
those that aren’t.
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