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Formatting a Calendar view
In this exercise, you display summary tasks and reformat critical tasks in the Calendar view.
On the View tab, in the Task Views group, click Calendar .
The Calendar view appears.
The Calendar view resembles a traditional “month-at-a-glance” calendar and
displays tasks as bars spanning the days on which they are scheduled to occur.
This view displays several weeks at a time, and it draws task bars on the days on
which tasks are scheduled. The visible weeks are indicated by the orange blocks in
the monthly calendars on the left side of the view.
The Calendar view currently includes the project summary task and subtask bars, but
not summary task bars. You’ll display those next.
On the Format tab, in the Format group, click Bar Styles .
The Bar Styles dialog box appears.
In the Task type box, click Summary .
In the Bar type box, click Line in the drop-down list.
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