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Formatting a Calendar view
You’ll see the summary tasks displayed as lines in the Calendar view shortly, but while
you’re in the Bar Styles dialog box you’ll next change the formatting of critical tasks.
Currently, the Calendar view formats critical and noncritical tasks the same; you will
change this.
In the Task type box, click Critical .
Click the Color box and, under Standard Colors , click red.
Click OK to close the Bar Styles dialog box.
Project applies the format options to the Calendar view. The summary task lines
appear below the subtask bars. Next, you’ll adjust the layout of the summary task lines
so that they appear above the subtask bars.
On the Format tab, in the Layout group, click Layout Now .
Project updates the Calendar view so that subtask bars appear below their summary
task lines.
Note the down arrows that appear next to many dates. These indicate that some task
bars are not able to it in the current height of the week rows. You’ll adjust this next.
On the Format tab, in the Layout group, click Adjust Week Height .
Project adjusts the height of the week rows to show all task bars.
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