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Printing and exporting views
On the File tab, click Print .
The Print screen appears in the Backstage with the Gantt Chart in the preview. As
currently set up, this view will require two letter-size pages to print. Note the 1 of 2
status message below the print preview.
TIP If you have a plotter selected as your default printer, or you have a different
page size selected, what you see in the print preview review screen might differ from
what’s shown in this exercise.
Under Settings , click Page Setup . This link appears at the bottom of the controls, to
the left of the print preview.
The Page Setup dialog box appears. Next, you’ll adjust the settings so that the full
Gantt Chart view will print on a single page.
Make sure the Page tab is visible, and then under Scaling , click Fit to and type or
select 1 page wide by 1 tall.
Next, you will customize what appears in the Gantt chart’s legend.
In the Page Setup dialog box, click the Legend tab.
On the Legend tab are three alignment tabs. Click the Left tab.
Here, you can see the text and field codes that appear in the legend.
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