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Printing and exporting views
Click Print all sheet columns , and then click OK to close the Page Setup dialog box.
Project applies the changes you specified in the Page Setup dialog box. To get a
closer look, zoom in on the legend.
In the Print Preview screen, click the lower-left corner of the page with the
magnifying-glass pointer.
Project zooms in to show the page at a legible resolution.
Next, you’ll shift focus from output formatting options to output file types. Two
common file formats of printed output are Portable Document Format (PDF) and
XML Paper Specification (XPS). PDF represents an Adobe Acrobat document. XPS is
a format supported by Microsoft. Both formats provide a high-fidelity online
representation of what would appear on a printed page. To conclude this exercise, you’ll
generate a PDF or XPS output file of the Timeline view.
Click the Back button to exit the Backstage.
On the View tab, in the Split View group, select the Timeline check box.
Project displays the same Timeline view you customized earlier in this chapter.
Click anywhere in the Timeline view to put the focus on it.
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