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Key points
20 Click OK to use the default settings.
Project generates the PDF or XPS document.
21 In File Explorer, navigate to the Chapter17 folder and double-click the PDF or XPS
document you created.
You can share details from your plans with team members and other project stakeholders.
When doing so, give consideration to both the appropriate level of detail to share and the
format in which you share it.
CLEAN UP Close the Advanced Formatting file.
Key points
Use the Bar Styles dialog box to add additional bar types or other elements, such as
an interim plan, to a Gantt chart view.
Use the Bar Styles dialog box to change the appearance of a specific type of Gantt
bar, such as all summary tasks.
In the Timeline view, you can directly modify text or all text styles, such as all task
names, with the commands in the Font and Text groups on the Format tab.
Nodes represent tasks and summary tasks in the Network Diagram view. You can
customize the information that appears in a node.
The Calendar view is especially helpful for those who prefer a traditional
“month-at-a-glance” format.
You can adjust page layout and legend text for Gantt chart views in the Backstage.
Use the PDF or XPS formats for sharing project details that approximate on the screen
what one can print.
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