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Formatting tables in a report
TIP If the Field List pane did not appear when you clicked in the Milestones Due
table, try this. On the Table Tools Design tab, in the Show/Hide group, click Table
Data. This commands toggles the display of the Field List pane on or off.
In the Field List pane, take a moment to scroll through the list of items under the
Select Fields heading. As you can see, the selected fields Name and Finish match the
fields included in the Milestones Due table. (The selected field names are also listed
below the Select Fields box.) In addition, this table has the Upcoming Milestones
filter applied (which might be truncated to Upcoming… ) in the Filter box in the lower
part of the Field List pane. If this filter were not applied, the table would include the
names and finish dates of all tasks in the plan. With the filter applied, however, only
uncompleted milestone tasks are displayed. Note that the filter, group, outline, and
sort options available with a report table are similar to those you can apply to a view.
Because you plan to add a field (or column) to the table, you’ll need to resize the
table later so that it will it correctly in the report. Next, you’ll note the table’s current
On the Table Tools Layout tab, in the Table Size group, note the current width.
Now you’re ready to add the Baseline Finish field to the table. The Field List pane
organizes Project’s fields in a hierarchy, so you’ll work through the hierarchy structure
to get to the field you want. Because the Baseline Finish field is a baseline field that
contains a date value, you’ll look in the Baseline category.
In the Select Fields box, under Date , click the expand/collapse arrow next to Baseline
to expand the Baseline fields list.
In the Baseline fields list, click Baseline Finish .
Project adds the Baseline Finish field to the table.
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