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Formatting charts in a report
Resize a table by dragging the
handles on the sides of the table.
This section introduced you to table formatting in a report. In the next section, you’ll focus
on chart formatting.
Formatting charts in a report
Project’s reports give you charting capabilities comparable to what you’d previously expect
to find in an application like Excel. In Project, you can now create a variety of chart types
including column, line, pie, and bar charts. Project has included the Resource Graph view (a
bar chart showing work allocation per resource) for several versions. With the addition of
charts in reports, however, you have much more to work with.
When you select a chart in a report, in addition to the Field List pane appearing, the two
Chart Tools contextual tabs, Design and Format, also appear on the ribbon. Note that these
are different contextual tabs than appear when a table is selected in a report:
The Design tab Contains commands to change the chart’s layout and style, and
include elements such as data labels.
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