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Formatting charts in a report
The Format tab Contains commands to format chart elements such as data series,
add and style graphic shapes such as text boxes to a chart, and apply WordArt effects
to selected text.
In addition, whenever you select a chart, three floating contextual commands appear:
Chart Elements
Chart Styles
Chart Filters
Chart elements Let you quickly add or remove elements such as data labels
Chart styles Let you switch the selected chart to a different chart style (basically
color and ill combinations) and change the chart’s color scheme
Chart filters Let you add or remove the specific data series (which correspond to
Project fields) and data categories (which correspond to specific tasks or resources)
These three floating commands give you quick access to some of the features on the Design
tab. You use the Chart Filters’ options to include or exclude data categories (specific tasks
or resources) from a chart. This feature is especially handy, and one you will use in the
following exercise.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, the project team and management like the Resource
Overview report for its concise reporting of actual and remaining work per resource. You’d
like to change some of the content included in the report and change how it appears.
In this exercise, you change the content and formatting of charts in a report.
On the Report tab, in the View Reports group, click Resources and then click
Resource Overview .
Project displays the Resource Overview report.
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