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Formatting charts in a report
You’ll use the Chart Filters contextual command to exclude two resources from this
Click the Chart Filters contextual command just to the right of the Resource Stats
Project displays the Values list for this chart, which includes the Series values (the
values being measured) and the Categories (in this case, the resources for whom the
Series values are being charted).
Under Categories , clear the check boxes for Color Setting Services and Printing
Service , and then click Apply .
Project removes these resources from the chart.
Click the Chart Filters contextual command again to dismiss it.
One more addition to make to this chart is to add a data table that exposes the
individual resources’ work values more explicitly.
On the Chart Tools Design tab, in the Chart Layouts group, click Add Chart Element ,
point to Data Table , and then click With Legend Keys .
Project adds the data table below the chart. Next, you’ll hide the (now redundant)
legend below the data table.
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