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Formatting charts in a report
Recall from earlier in the chapter that “Category” in the context of a chart means the
type of values that will be displayed in the chart. For this chart, the selected category
is the names of resources, which appear on the X-axis of the chart.
TIP Although the Time category value is not applicable to this chart, it is unique
and merits some explanation. You can use the Time category to show values (such
as work) over time. When you use the Time category with a chart, an Edit command
appears next to the Select Category box. Use this Edit command to adjust the
timescale in your chart. If you want to play with the Time category settings, a good
report to view is the Milestone report.
Click the arrow in the Select Category box again to close it.
You can see in the Select Fields list that % Work Complete is the resource field for
which Project will show the values per category (in this case, resource names). These
values are delineated on the Y-axis of the chart, and the specific values per resource
appear per column.
Click the arrow in the Filter box.
This filter excludes all values other than work resources. Next, you’ll adjust the sort
order of the work resources.
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