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Creating a custom report
In the Select Fields box, click the expand/collapse arrow next to Cost to expand the
Cost field list, and then click the following fields in the order listed:
Actual Cost
Remaining Cost
To quickly reorder or remove fields,
right-click the field name here.
The reason you need to select the fields in this order is so that they’ll be added as
columns from the left to right in the same order. Because cost is the sum of the
actual cost and remaining cost, it’s most logical to add it last so that it appears in the
rightmost column.
TIP You can also reorder fields in a table by dragging the field names that appear
below the Select fields box into the order you want.
To conclude this exercise, you’ll apply a table style.
On the Table Tools Design tab, in the Table Styles group, in the table style box, click
the orange style (the third style in the box; its ToolTip is Medium Style 2 – Accent 2 ).
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