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Key points
Project applies the style to the table.
As with all reports, the field values included in this custom report will automatically
be updated as the underlying cost and schedule data changes in the plan.
TIP Custom reports reside within the plan in which they were created and are not
available in other plans. To make a custom report available in any plan you work with
in Project, use the Organizer to copy it to the Global template. For more information
about the Organizer, see Chapter 19, “Customizing Project.”
CLEAN UP Close the Advanced Reporting file.
Key points
Reports in Project help you visualize your data with a mix of tables, charts, and other
You use the Field List pane to control which fields are included in a table and how
they are organized.
Project supports a wide range of chart types, including column, line, pie, and bar.
You can create a custom report with a mix of table and chart elements showing task
or resource fields.
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