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Chapter 19: Customizing Project
Customizing Project
Copy a customized element, such as a calendar, from one plan to another by using
the Organizer.
Record and play back a macro.
Edit a macro in the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Editor.
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar and the ribbon.
This chapter describes some of the ways you can customize Microsoft Project 2013 to
suit your own preferences. Like most other Microsoft Office applications, Project uses the
ribbon interface , which offers good customization options. Project has other
customization features, such as the Organizer and global template, that are unique to it. In addition,
Project has customization features, such as recording Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications
(VBA) macros, that are similar to other Microsoft Office applications.
IMPORTANT Some of the actions you perform in this chapter can affect your overall settings in
Project regardless of the specific plan you are using. To keep your Project environment unaffected
or at the “factory settings” throughout this chapter, we include steps to undo some actions.
PRACTICE FILES Before you can complete the exercises in this chapter, you need to copy
the book’s practice files to your computer. A complete list of practice files is provided in
“Download the practice files” at the beginning of this topic. For each exercise that has a
practice file, simply browse to where you saved the book’s practice file folder.
IMPORTANT If you are running Project Professional with Project Web App/Project Server, take
care not to save any of the practice files you work with in this topic to Project Web App (PWA). For
more information, see Appendix C, “Collaborating: Project, SharePoint, and PWA.”
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