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Sharing custom elements between plans
Sharing custom elements between plans
Project uses a global template , named Global.mpt, to provide the default views, tables,
reports and other elements you see in Project. The very first time you display a view, table,
or similar element in a plan, it is copied automatically from the global template to that plan.
Thereafter, the element resides in the plan. Any subsequent customization of that element
in the plan (for example, changing the fields displayed in a table) applies to only that one
plan and does not affect the global template. The global template is installed as part of
Project, and you normally don’t work with it directly.
Initially, the specific definitions of all views, tables, and other elements listed here are
contained in the global template. For example, the fact that the default Usage table
contains one set of fields and not others is determined by the global template. The list of
elements provided by the global template includes the following:
In addition, you can copy modules (VBA macros), import/export maps, and custom fields to
the global template or between plans.
When you customize an element like a view, the customized element remains in the plan
in which it was customized. With views and tables, you have the option of updating the
version of that element in the global template with your customized view or table. If you
create a new element, however, such as a new view, that new element is copied to the
global template and thereafter becomes available in all other plans you might work with.
One exception, however, is calendars. When you create a custom calendar, it remains just
in the plan in which it was created. A customized standard calendar that meets your needs
in one plan could redefine working times in other plans in ways you do not intend. For this
reason, Project has a feature you can use to share custom calendars (and other elements)
between plans in a controlled way. That feature is the Organizer .
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