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Sharing custom elements between plans
The complete list of elements you can copy between plans with the Organizer was listed
previously and is indicated by the names of the tabs in the Organizer dialog box, which you
will see shortly.
You could use Project extensively and never need to touch the global template. However,
when you do work with the global template, you normally do so through the Organizer.
Some actions you can accomplish relating to the global template include the following:
Create a customized element, such as a custom calendar, and make it available in all
plans you work with by copying the custom calendar into the global template.
Replace a customized element, such as a view or table, in a plan by copying the
original, unmodified element from the global template to the plan in which you’ve
customized the same element.
Copy one customized element, such as a custom report, from one plan to another.
The settings in the global template apply to all plans you work with in Project. Because we
don’t want to alter the global template that you use, in this exercise, we’ll focus on copying
customized elements between two plans. Keep in mind, though, that the general process
of using the Organizer shown here is the same whether you are working with the global
template and a plan or two plans.
IMPORTANT In the Organizer, when you attempt to copy a customized view, table, or other
element from a plan to the global template, Project alerts you as to whether you will overwrite
that element with the same name in the global template. If you choose to overwrite it, that
customized element (such as a customized view) will be available in all new plans and any other
plans that do not already contain that element. If you choose to rename the customized element,
it becomes available in all plans but does not affect the existing elements already stored in the
global template. It’s generally a good idea to give your customized elements unique names, such as
Custom Gantt Chart , so that you can keep the original element intact.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you previously created a calendar to apply to a task
in one plan that can be started only on certain weekdays. Another plan includes the same
type of task with the same calendar requirements. You’d like to use the task calendar in this
other plan.
In this exercise, you will use the Organizer to copy a custom calendar from one plan
to another.
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