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Sharing custom elements between plans
SET UP You need multiple files located in your Chapter19 practice file folder to
complete this exercise.
Open Customizing B_Start and save it as Customizing B .
Next, open Customizing A_Start and save it as Customizing A .
The Customizing A plan contains a custom calendar named Monday-Wednesday that
you created in Chapter 9, “Advanced task scheduling.”
Scroll the Gantt Chart view vertically until task 44, Send to color house, is visible, and
then point the mouse pointer at the task calendar icon in the Indicators column.
This task uses the custom calendar, so it can occur only on a Monday, Tuesday, or
Wednesday. You’d like to use this calendar in the Customizing B plan.
On the File tab (and if the Info screen is not already visible), click Info . Then click
Organizer .
The Organizer dialog box appears.
Click several of the tabs in the dialog box to get a look at the types of elements you
can manage with the Organizer, and then click the Calendars tab.
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