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Recording macros
When a macro is stored in a plan, the macro can be used by any plan when the plan
that contains the macro is open. The default option, Global File , refers to the global
template. When a macro is stored in the global template, the macro can be used
by any plan at any time because the global template is open whenever Project is
running. In this exercise, because we don’t want to customize your global template,
you’ll store the macro in the active plan.
In the Description box, select the current text and replace it by typing Saves a GIF
image of the Gantt Chart view.
The description is useful to help identify the actions that the macro will perform.
Click OK .
Project begins recording the new macro. Project does not literally record and play
back every mouse movement and passing second; it records only the results of the
keystrokes and mouse actions that you make. Do not feel that you have to rush to
complete the recording of the macro.
On the View tab, in the Task Views group, click the down arrow below the Gantt
Chart button, and then click Gantt Chart .
Even though the plan is already showing the Gantt Chart view, including this step in
the macro thereby records the action so that, if the plan is initially in a different view,
the macro switches to the Gantt Chart view.
On the View tab, in the Zoom group, in the Timescale box, click Thirds of Months .
Project adjusts the timescale to display more of the project.
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